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We help Small Businesses Cut Costs, Maximize Profits and Stay Ahead of Taxes

Let this be the day you say goodbye to late night number crunching headaches, yearly tax bombs and penalties.

It’s time to find out where your money is going and control the future of your business.

What I do


Cut Costs, Maximize Profits

I will log each one of your transactions so that we can see how much money you’re spending on what. Now that we see where your money is going we can then…

  • See what is making money and what isn’t
  • Stop spending money where there is no clear ROI
  • Make full use of tax deductions

Control The Long Term

On a frequency of your choice we will give you accurate and understandable financial statements. We can use these to analyze how your business is doing and see how it changes over time, finally with that information we can…

  • Make adjustments to effect the long term Assets & Liabilities
  • Steer the business to achieve the goals you set for yourself
  • Establish credibility with bankers and exterior accountants (Make Taxes Easy)

Completely Compliant

Not only is your current accounting system inefficient but it might also be illegal. No worries though, If you start working with us you will no longer have to concern yourselves with…

  • Tax Penalties
  • Stressful nights during tax season
  • Staying compliant on the financial tracking side of your business
How do I do It?

The 3-Step System

Step 1: Analyze

First, we do a deep dive analysis of where you are now with your finances and we work with you to clarify your goals. Only when this is complete and there is clarity for us both do we move onto step 2.

Step 2: Customize

Next, we get busy creating custom bookkeeping to fulfill your goals. This includes creating financial reporting that is:
a) Industry Specific
b) Simple to Understand
c) Gives Financial Clarity

Step 3: Optimize

Bookkeeping is historical. Optimization means that we study the past to affect positive change on future finances. This is us helping you to meet and exceed your income goals. This requires ever-changing plans for you to thrive.

Karan Singh

Founder and Owner
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